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Valentine day week calendar 2019

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Valentine day week calendar 2019

Are you searching for Valentine Day Week Calendar for 2019? Every one wait the month of romance and love. of course I’m talking about the lovely cute and romantic month of February which is very special for couples and lovers. Specially about valentine week it’s a special week or we can say special week for lovers.
So this valentine week 2019  will be extra special for all lovers old or new anyone. According to every year this year you will be spent your valentines day for full eight days. Every couple will be more excited about this week and they should plan something specially about it. Here we can find valentines week list 2019 . so just keep remember this valentines day list.

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7 Days of Valentine Week

  • 7th Feb 2019 (Thursday)

 Rose Day (1st Day of Valentine)
  • 8th Feb 2019 (Friday)

 Propose Day (2nd Day of Valentine)
  • 9th Feb 2019 (Saturday)

 Chocolate Day (3rd Day of Valentine)
  • 10th Feb 2019 (Sunday)

  Teddy Day (4th Day of Valentine)
  • 11th Feb 2019 (Monday)

 Promise Day (5th Day of Valentine)
  • 12th Feb 2019 (Tuesday)

 Hug Day (6th Day of Valentine)
  • 13th Feb 2019 (Wednesday)

 Kiss Day (7th Day of Valentine)
  • 14th Feb 2019 (Thursday)
Valentine Day (8th Day of Valentine)
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The above listed are the list of days constituted in Valentines Week. Though the names of the day could be easily understood, it would be better if we go through the significance of each day individually.

Rose day:

The first and foremost day of this Valentine week starts with Rose day. Thus, to start the week with a romantic and lovely mood so we need to start this day with the roses. This day is meant for showing love through sharing roses with your special ones.  As I have seen, there are some specific colors chosen for particular persons as per their importance. Like it will be a red colored, or a pink colored rose for whom we love means our life partner, there is a white colored rose for an only best friend which plays an important role. On this day transfer of roses are made.

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Propose day:   

It is the second day and this is also an important day for those who are waiting for the chance to propose to their loved ones. This day is your chance to propose. In this day, you can take your dear one to a romantic spot and propose your love. It could be more romantic if you could provide something like a ring.  It does n't matter that whether he/she will accept or reject. by the way it is the proposed day. On this day no one can slap you so just say your feelings to someone who is the heart of your life or breath of your life.

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Chocolate day:   

Chocolate is also a thing that is loved most by ladies. Chocolate is one of the sweetest food offerings you use to woo your precious partner. its sweet taste signifies the sweet love story that you both share. And chocolate is a good weapon to make her surrender to your hopelessly romantic cause.and  If you have missed the chance of expressing your feelings to your loved one, then the second chance just give them a pack of rich chocolate or chocolate cake, with his/her particular name on 9th and say you are part of my life in dreams would you be in real my dream girl/boy? After all, no one doesn't like chocolates. So take advantage of this day and make plans to make her throw herself into your arms tonight.

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Teddy day:  

The fourth day of this week is Teddy day. Teddy bear is going to be the all-time favorites for the ladies in terms of something cute and cuddly. So Teddy day totally unbeatable day for girls as not a single girl who doesn't like to have a big teddy or small teddy with her. So boys make sure if you like or love someone than just make something special on Teddy day with a teddy bear. Remember the date please don't forget its 10th February the day on which you can have which you dreamy off. I think that a promise is a sweet gift from your loved one, whom you love that he/she will never let you alone whenever there is any problem or contingencies occurs in your life, then I will always be there in front of you. Don't worry if you forgot the date I am telling you it's 11th guys. . So impress her by giving a furry Teddy bear on this day.

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Happy Promise Day:   

Promise day is the 5th day of valentine week. This day is celebrated each and every person on this day the promise to each other that any thing they wanna keep for a life time. Promise day is just way to promise your partner that they wanna keep and prove it right. So This Promise Day is your chance to remind her the promises you both made in your early days. Or perhaps, this day is a renewal of the love you both had. And this time, you can make new promises that you both will keep for the rest of your life.

Hug day:  

Hug Day should be the same as Kiss Day. Wrap your beloved at the first light of morning of your warmest and tightest hug. A hug more than 30 seconds creates trust and positivity in that person whom you hold in your arms and Make her feel like you will never plan on letting her go. Not now, not soon, and not ever.So on 12th February, we celebrate Hug day. Which shows whom you love and care, will help you in creating trust and belief for you so for what you are waiting? Just go ahead and give a tight hug.

 Kiss day:      

The day only for the life partner starts from actually today and its 13th, the kiss day 2019. The Kiss Day is all about the smooching and all. . Of course, it is for the person whom you love so very much, Start your day with a gentle kiss to her and greet her about the Kiss Day. To make it sweeter, kiss her every chance you get,  then why should you think? Just run and kiss him/her without hesitation because of course, he/she is only yours beloved ones.

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Valentine day 2019 

This is the final day of the Valentine's day Week 2019. And a day of love, truth, honesty, beliefs and expression of your love is Valentine's day, a day of which one says frankly that how much he/she loves. You told your life partner in a different way by giving him a surprise with candle light dinner and music of love and lot many other things. So I will not mind if you use my idea for your life partner. So just celebrate the day of love, and only love.

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