Thursday, November 29, 2018

How to celebrated valentine’s day in USA


How to celebrated valentine’s day in USA

In the mood for red roses, chocolates and romantic greeting cards. These tokens of affection are exchanged each year, on February 14, that is the valentines day.  by people in the United States and in many other countries observing Valentine’s Day an unofficial holiday that celebrates love.
The exact origins of Valentine’s Day are murky, and the day became associated with romantic love during the Middle Ages in England.

Let’s see how to really valentines day celebrated in USA

In the USA, where they seem to know how to celebrate all special occasions well, Valentine’s Day is a big deal. You couldn’t forget it, even if you tried. It’s not the greeting card stands in the big shops, or the paraphernalia that party shops seem to stock that remind you of this celebratory day, although that is pretty mind-boggling in itself. It is the personal decorations on individual houses everywhere you go, that lets you know there is an important event coming soon.

Decoration for valentines day in USA

Front doors with red or pink heart shaped garlands, window display lights like Christmas lights except red or pink and flags mounted at the front of houses with cute friendship images waving in the wind. Some couples even display their own personal flag with their names proudly emblazoned for all to see.

Valentines day Celebration in school

In school Most of the children dressed up in red or pink, including the boys. They had a wonderful Valentine’s Day breakfast complete with pink bagels, pink cupcakes and themed craft. As in most American schools, the kids here all give valentines cards and receive them from every other child in the class. A valentine given here though, is a sign of friendship, not romance. Even my middle schooler received valentines from his friends, both boys and girls. In an environment where all too many things are considered uncool by children, in case their peers frown upon it, Valentine’s Day opens the door for kids to embrace their friends and peers in an inclusive and positive way. Without even including this massive exchange of home-made and bought cards that this must entail country-wide, Americans are reported to send over 190 million valentines each year. That is a staggering number, and obviously a significant contributor to the US economy.

For cynical Australians, it would be easy to say that Americans are the victims of their own rampant commercialism. However, I would prefer to think of the US as a country that knows how to celebrate their traditions in style. After all, no matter where you come from on this planet, couldn’t we all do with more love and friendship?