Thursday, November 8, 2018

How to propose a girl on valentine’s day


How to propose a girl on valentine’s day

Are you thinking to propose your love of life? If  Are you ready to become serious in your relationship and take a step?and then  you are thinking for propose to your girlfriend so this Valentine’s Day would be the perfect idea for you? Valentine’s Day is the day of love. Best way you propose to your girlfriend says a lot about how much you value her.
your proposal to your loved one will  becomes more important because it is something that will be shared with your relatives, friends and also strangers. the best way to propose to your girlfriend should be the top priority for you.

Sometimes Valentines day proposals might not be a great idea. Your girlfriend might already have an idea that you are going to propose on that day and thus your surprise proposal might not surprise her at all. Many couples take the big decision on V-day. So if you become a part of the crowd, then your proposal will not be that unique. Prices of chocolates, flowers, gifts and other such romantic items are extremely high around Valentine’s Day.

Here are some reasons for why we propose on valentine’s day

Well, first, it is the most romantic, sentimental day of the entire year for all the couples who are truly and madly in love with each other
Planning a proposal on Valentines day is extremely easy, because packages for Valentine’s Day are easily available in romantic spots and places and restaurants
Valentines day is a personal day for couples and they usually do not have commitments with friends or family, which gives them the opportunity to take a decision on their future.

Here are some romantic ways of proposing to your girlfriend on this Valentine’s Day

flowers to capture her heart with bend your knees

By flowers, we actually mean roses, as these represent love and romance. But you can use any flower which your girlfriend loves. Spread the flowers all over the house when your girlfriend is not there. When she returns, she will be surprised to see the flowers and you there in the midst of the flowers down on your knees with the ring in your hand.

Propose to her with romantic words

If you love writing and are extremely romantic when it comes to expressing your love in words, then you can write letters for your girlfriend. You can place the letters with meaningful thoughts in different places at home on Valentine’s day, so that she can search for them one by one. The last card of course will have the question you want to ask her- Will you be mine forever?

T-shirt proposal

Design a creative and extraordinary t-shirt with your message on it and wear it inside a jacket on Valentine’s day. When you go out to a romantic place with your girlfriend, you can reveal your t-shirt to her.

By pet proposal

Are you aware of what her favorite animal is? If yes, then you can simply adopt one and use it to convey your marriage proposal to your girlfriend. You can add your love message on a banner or the collar and gift her a cute pet along with your heart.

Sky-writing proposal

Interested to do something out of the box? Then you can contact a company that specializes in skywriting and propose to your girlfriend with its help. It is one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring ways to propose to someone.

Recreate date with your girlfriend

The first day you started dating officially is obviously very special for both of you. So try to recreate that memorable first date by wearing similar clothes, going to the same places, listening to the same music, having the same kind of food and ultimately propose to her.

Sing a song for her

You do not have to be a professional to sing a song for your loved one. You can sing one of her favorite songs or an original song for her and propose to her at the end of it. This will be extremely special for your girlfriend.

Without wasting much time, prepare for the perfect romantic proposal for your girlfriend this V-day. Remember to avoid cliches and take inspiration from these romantic ways to make your proposal successful. We wished you best of luck!