Monday, November 12, 2018

What Costume for Valentine’s day?


Valentine’s day costume

Saint Valentine has been associated with love since the 15th century in honour of his personality. The special valentines day is marked in several countries around the world on February 14th with cards, gifts, flowers and dress up. Look beautiful through color red fancy dress for Valentine's day costume ideas.


Valentine's Day is mostly celebrated for exchanging greeting cards

as well as the classic gifts of chocolates and flowers. If you want to look extra unique and memorable on this valentine day, you should definitely want to check out super sweet and sexy Valentine's Day costume ensemble. Then  you will an amazing Valentine's Day look, and beautiful makeup and some cute accessories which will make you extra beautiful, so create an unforgettable Valentine's Day look that is going to melt hearts and get lots of attention. Follow our simple step-by-step instructions using easy makeup application techniques along with valentines day costumes and accessories which are all available at Halloween Express

If you are wearing a sexy or sweet Valentines costume to surprise your beloved with this Valentine’s Day, Valentine-themed costumes is the perfect place to start your love. you have numerous choices that will speed up your sweetie’s heartbeat. With choices like the Queen of Hearts, Playboy Cupid, Lady Love Bug, Valentine Cupid and many other possible choices, you will easily take your man’s breath away and set the tone for this very special celebration of all things amour.

Queen of hearts valentines day costumes, Care bear costumes and Playboy costumes! Valentines Day actually began as far back as the middle ages. There is a legend that says that back in ancient days there was a Roman Emperor named Claudius II. In an effort to grow his army strong he decreed that young men should not marry. It was Claudius’ belief that married men did not make good soldiers. St. Valentine, a well-known priest in the area, allegedly performed marriages in secret to all those that so desired. Eventually, St. Valentine and his performance of secret marriages were discovered.

He was put in prison and before he was executed he wrote what is purported to be the first Valentine. St. Valentine penned a note that was addressed to his beloved and was signed, “from your Valentine.” This legend, although popularly circulated by card companies and others has no evidence but we wholeheartedly agree that it sure does sound good. Nowadays, Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day where lovers express their love and affection to one another, usually by way of greeting cards as well as candy, flowers and other gifts. Valentine’s  day, quite simply is the celebration of love.