Saturday, November 24, 2018

Why is Valentine's Day better for propose to your Love?


Why is Happy Valentine's Day better for propose to your Love?

As you know Valentine Day is Month of love and everybody wants to impress their love and want to propose them in the best Time. So you are thinking which time is best for proposing a Girl/Boy, SO in my personal experience Valentines Day is the Best time for proposing your lover or crush because this is the day of love and you can express your love by proposing them in a different way and you can ask them "will you be my Valentine" this question is very easy and answerable for everyone.
There are some ways to propose your Girl.

How to propose a girl On Valentine Day 2019?

As you know this question is very tricky and funny but we are going to explain to you how you can purpose a girl on Valentine's day 2019? You can follow these rules and Purpose your girl.


  • Prepare yourself what you want to say
  • Never hesitate in front of her
  • Say your words with confidently
  • After going in front of her prepare yourself in the front of the mirror


Types of purposing of a girl on Valentine Day 2019

  1. Knee Purposing
  2. Candlelight dinner
  3. Purpose of a special place


1. knee purposing:
In this purposing style, you have to bend your knee and shit down on earth with the help of knee and spread your hand in the air and say your magical word to her and make your Happy Valentine's day 2019 Wonderful and Fulfill with happiness.

2. Candlelight Dinner:
This is the most and very attractive way to purpose a girl in this Valentine's day 2019. Every Girl Like dinner in the light of Candle because the light of the candle is romantic and very attractive to everyone so you can take your girl for a Candlelight Dinner and say her your Magical Words when she is happy with you at the Time of Candlelight Dinner She will Absolutely say you yes. And your Happy Valentine's Day would be Good and Happy.

3. Purpose on Special Place:
This trick always works when you know which place she likes most so you can take her on that place on this Valentine's Day 2019 and purpose her and say her Your magical words on this Happy Valentine's Day 2019 And make your day good.